Who am I ?

Image That’s a question i keep asking myself, but nevertheless i can’t find an answer.

I might be a silent watcher, an observer of this mechanic world, who finds himself outside the gears, and after years of trying to fit into, decided to stay out, and stare at it while it crumbles down.

I might be another common guy, who wants to break free and build his own world, giving matter to the so tangled thoughts i have in my mind. Who knows, maybe it’s not even that absurd.

I might be a thoughtful boy, always on the path of impossible answers just for the lust of the search, and wandering through the abstract world until the real one becomes suitable for me.

I might be a rationalist instead, who knows this earth can’t change that radically without concrete ideas, and want to apply them as fast as i can. What could possibly go wrong?

I might be undecided about my future, since all the solid paths i see don’t feel fascinating, while the dark and ending ones attract me like a moth’s moon.

I might be screwed, since i can’t keep living without trying to live. But living brings responsibilities that i can’t bear. In a two-scenarios path, who’s the one who truly lives: the one who applies himself and follow the track, or the one who refuses it and fills his life with random small moments of his pleasure?

Is choosing to not live an actual life choice? It might be…

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